Virtual travels

As an experienced teacher come out against the demands of today’s young people and prepared a series of virtual tours. Each topic and itinerary can be presented in the form of a multimedia lesson conducted with the help of a multimedia presentation. It is an alternative offer to field activities in bad weather, as well as an interesting offer for employee integration trips or on the occasion of anniversary and occasional celebrations.

Here are examples of my multimedia tours:

  • Gdańsk’s inspiration with antiquity
  • Gdańsk in the Middle Ages
  • Gdańsk under the rule of the Teutonic Order 1308 – 1454
  • Architecture and art of the Renaissance and Baroque in Gdańsk
  • Royal stays in Gdansk
  • Genre scenes from the life of the Gdańsk plebeian and patriciate
  • Reformation in Gdansk
  • Wars and plagues
  • Tricity parks, squares and green areas
  • Monuments and necropolises
  • Artistic attractions of the Tri-City
  • Ports, reloading and shipbuilding
  • Land and sea defense of the coast in 1939
  • Destruction of the war and reconstruction of the Tri-City after 1945